Jonesboro, AR

Jonesboro Police Department Internship Program

I.          Policy

In a cooperative effort with area colleges and high schools, the Jonesboro Police Department assists students with internship programs. By providing students with first hand experience, the department can help maintain the student’s interest in this field after graduation. Although efforts will be made to accommodate the needs of student interns, the efficient operation of the police department will remain the primary concern of department personnel. To minimize the impact on department operations, the number of interns working during a semester may be limited.

II.         Program Eligibility and Dismissal

  •       Requirements
  •       Selection
  •       Adherence to Policy
  •       Dismissal

All persons interested in an unpaid internship position with the department shall complete an internship application. Additionally, applicants must be at least 18 years of age, possess a valid identification, complete a drug screen and background check, and have no felony or DWI convictions. Certain misdemeanor offenses, as determined by the Chief of Police, may also preclude them from eligibility. 

Based on the information contained in the application, background and interview, the division commander will determine the most qualified applicant to fill the currently available slot(s). The Chief of Police will give final approval for applications.

All interns will receive access to a copy of department policy and will be expected to adhere to any applicable portions. In addition, all will be required to sign an “Internship Agreement” outlining certain minimum standards of conduct to be maintained during the internship period.

The Jonesboro Police Department retains the right to remove any applicant or serving intern from the internship program at any time. 

III.        Procedures

  • Department Access
  • Due to the confidential nature of some police activities and records, persons participating in the internship program may be restricted from access to certain records, computer programs and areas of the department as determined by the division commander.
  • Confidentiality of department activities and records must be maintained and interns will be expected to closely adhere to the confidentiality requirements of the ‘Internship Agreement’.

 B.         Recording Time

  • The assigned supervisor will be responsible for tracking the intern’s time of service and make that record available to the school. All work will be considered voluntary and interns will not receive compensation.
  • Interns should be considerate of the expectation of their arrival and if the need arises for them to be absent, they should notify their supervisor as soon as possible. Interns are not expected to work during holidays designated by their academic institution or those designated for civilians by the City of Jonesboro.

C.         Supervisor Responsibilities

  • Supervisors assigned to oversee interns will make efforts to maintain a working liaison relationship with the academic supervisor of that intern.
  • Supervisors should strive to provide a learning experience for the student to as much on extent as possible and attempt to provide a worthwhile project or assignment other than mundane office duties or mere observation whenever possible.
  • Supervisors are responsible for the safety of interns assigned to this program and shall not allow them to place themselves in positions that create a substantial risk or injury.
  • Duties of the supervisor may include completing an evaluation of the intern at the conclusion of the internship period. Such reports should be completed in a timely manner to afford the student proper credit with the academic institution.